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How to maximize your income from facebook apps

You can maximize your income through the apps what you’ve developed, not only from the advertising companies such as Cubics & LifeStreetMedia. There are numerous ways and techniques for you to generate and raise your income on Facebook.Before reading further  read this article on how to monetize and make money from facebook applications.



You can put your own advertisement such as Clickbank affiliate links, blog links, CPA and many other links that you can use to maximize your income.With this type of marketing strategy, you will not only gain extra income but huge traffic flow to your blogs or affiliate websites that you joined. This advertising method also helps keep your advertising cost incurred to a minimum other than giving you the benefit to advertise more effectively. Imagine that you have more than 50 Facebook apps and each one of the apps have 100,000 users. Now, try calculating how many traffic that you can get for all 50 apps? By that number, you will be able to estimate how many sales you can get for your affiliate products.


In your Facebook apps you will also be able to sell your advertisement space to the other marketers. What you need to came up with is an advertisement package for your ads space tenants so they can start advertising their products in your Facebook apps. There are forums where you can find your fellow affiliate marketers and offer them your price, or you can go to to get advertisers from international markets.

Sample of advertising space bought by other marketers:


You can also make your apps as a “virtual property” and you can sell it on Flippa or any forums that have buy and sell apps sections.The samples below are Facebook apps that are put sale in Flippa.

It’s not impossible for you to raise your own income with Flippa by using your Facebook apps developing skills. If one apps can be sold for a whopping USD$2,000, imagine what you can get by selling that 50 apps?

Now that you finally have the clear image of what apps is all about, you can start generating yourself a handsome income just by developing Facebook apps. But there is one important element to enable you to realize your dream – you will have to make sure that your Facebook apps are used and clicked on by a huge amount of traffic.

Marketing! This is the element that can set your apps apart from your competitors, online of offline.Read this article on Apps Promotional Tools to market the developed facebook application and make handsome money.




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