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How to Optimize WordPress Posts for Targeted Keywords

The first step to optimize wordpress posts for target keywords is to begin with the right keywords.

Find the big money keywords and key phrases using online keyword finding tools and google keyword tool and organize and prioritize them.Start with the high volume, high value keywords and write high quality content for your site that focuses on those target keywords.

It’s best to target one keyword phrase or a group of phrases per content page. Recall that keyword overlap can give us a close group of keywords such as “optimize wordpress” and “optimize wordpress post” In any case keep your content very focused on a small group of words.

Target keyword,keyphrase should be used several times within the body content.

You should make sure to include the target keyword phrase in the post title and headings as well as a few times throughout the actual content to optimize wordpress post.

It is especially important to include your target keyword phrase near the beginning of your content.

Most search engines tend to give more weight to words and phrases that appear in the first few paragraphs of a web page.Remember that search engines determine the subject of your page from the words you use on the page.

If you don’t use the keyword phrase often enough your page will not rank for that phrase.

Keep your content natural

When optimize wordPress posts for target Keywords try to keep your keyword density between 3 to 7,you can use keyword density checker plugin for this,do not overdo this.

Like anything else writing SEO optimized content is a skill that must be developed. Some people pick it up quickly while others require more time and practice to develop the skill.

No matter how well written your content is if it doesn’t contain the target keywords and phrases that people use to search for your product or service it won’t show up in the search engine results pages and no one will ever see it.

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